‘Paw Patrol’ comes under criticism for portrayals of ‘good cops’


(WTVO) — The children’s TV show “Paw Patrol” has come under scrutiny from anti-racism protesters for its depictions of “good cops” on television.

New York Times critic Amanda Hess wrote a piece on Wednesday called “The Protests Come for Paw Patrol,” a humorous criticism of the show after the official PAW Patrol Twitter account tweeted “In solidarity of #amplifymelanatedvoices we will be muting our content until June 7th to give access for Black voices to be heard so we can continue to listen and further our learning. #amplifyblackvoices

“It was only a matter of time before the protests came for ‘Paw Patrol,'” Hess wrote. “In the world of ‘Paw Patrol,’ Chase is drawn to be a very good boy who barks stuff like ‘Chase is on the case!’ and ‘All in a police pup’s day!’ as he rescues kittens in his tricked-out S.U.V.”

While acknowledging the Paw Patrol protests were a joke, Hess wrote, “The effort to publicize police brutality also means banishing the good-cop archetype, which reigns on both television and in viral videos of the protests themselves, Paw Patrol seems harmless enough, and that’s the point: The movement rests on understanding that cops do plenty of harm.”

Users on Twitter began responded jokingly, “Euthanize the police dog,” according to one user. “Defund the paw patrol” wrote another, and “All dogs go to heaven, except the class traitors in the Paw Patrol.”

The idea that there was any outrage over Paw Patrol sparked outrage on social media.

“I give up. Game over, man. Game over. Last one out turn out the lights. We’ve gone to plaid,” The Hill media reporter Joe Concha.

The satirical website The Onion did a story on the outrage, with a story titled “‘Paw Patrol’ Writers Defend Episode Where German Shepherd Cop Shoots Unarmed Black Lab 17 Times In Back.”

Television shows featuring police as protagonists are coming under criticism in the wake of the death of George Floyd in the custody of Minneapolis police last week.

The shows “Live PD” and “Cops” have been cancelled.

Also, HBO Max said it was pulling “Gone with the Wind” from it’s library temporarily and would make it available again once it was given a disclaimer about it’s “historical context” about slavery.


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