Trent, La’Porsha Make Plans Post Idol

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La’Porsha Renae grabbing the spot as runner-up for American Idol’s Finale, but that’s not the last we will hear from Renae. 
A new American Idol is walking the streets of Hollywood, and as Ryan Seacrest crowned the new Idol, Trent Harmon fell to the ground in excitement.  Trent Harmon, the small town boy taking home the final title of American Idol. La’Porsha Renae coming in as runner up. Both have very bright futures ahead of them, and are still taking in the big moment on Thursday night. 
It was the moment Trent Harmon had been dreaming about; winning the crown of American Idol. 
“So much decompression got to leave my body you know,I haven’t taken a breath in almost a year,” said Harmon. 
But, it almost didn’t happen. Harmon tells us his girlfriend Kathleen egged him on to try out. 
“I actually kind of just gave up on music about 3 or 4 days before the audition and I was like ‘I’m not getting much return on my investment. And she said ‘Just go audition one more time.’ And not one more time, I’ve never done it! She said just ‘Go give it one more shot.’ And I’m so glad I did! Look! We’re here!” 
 “He wasn’t sure about it and they came to Little Rock and that was like 30 minutes from where we are. So I was like, ‘Trent you have to do it,'” said Kathleen Couch, Harmon’s girlfriend. “So he was like ‘okay.’ I’m so excited to see him get this far and finally get the recognition he deserves.”
Now, the final idol and runner up are looking toward the future. 
 “Me and Trent have been talking about that for a long time. And that was one of the things he said on stage. We’re gonna go back to Mississippi and we’re going to have a Trent and La’Porsha concert. And make records together. We really love each other’s music,” said La’Porsha Renae. 
“I told Porsha right before they called out our names, I said ‘Porsha, no matter what happens. They call your name, they call my name, let’s just hug until they pull us apart,’ ” said Harmon. “Oh my gosh, we’re gonna do the biggest concert Mississippi’s ever seen!”

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