Rockford, Ill. (WTVO)—

Aaron Blabey is known for his book ‘The Bad Guys’ which was a huge success as both a book and movie. He now has a new book series called ‘Cat on the Run.’ This book follows a cat named Princess Beautiful as she goes on the run after being accused of something she didn’t do. Aaron says that he chose to write the book in a graphic novel format because when he writes a book it’s like seeing a movie in his head, so he felt that a graphic novel is the perfect medium to captivate that. Aaron’s goal is to make his books as entertaining as possible for kids. He shares a story about how he started writing ‘The Bad Guys’ because he was simply trying to get his youngest son into reading. Aaron says that he wanted to write a book with a complex female lead in an action comedy for a long time but didn’t know how he wanted to go about it. Then, when he saw his kids start to deal with the complexities of social media, he decided that his female lead would deal with the internet turning on her. Cat of Death is only first in the series out of three books and Aaron says that the next book is expected to come out in about six months. To keep up with all of Aaron’s projects, make sure to check out his website