Rockford, Ill. (WTVO)—

We’re celebrating Halloween week on GDS so of course we had to invite Tasha Terviel from Cookies By Design to help us celebrate with beautiful and delicious cookies. Tasha starts off by having Michelle reveal the winner of their Facebook Halloween Costume Contest. The winner is Kelly, and she has won 12 dozen gourmets from Cookies By Design. Next, Michelle and Tasha go head-to-head in some baking trivia. They are asked questions like what type of icing hardens as it dries and what is the most expensive spice used in baking. Tasha came in nervous, but we think she held her own with the questions. While they’re answering the questions, they are also decorating Halloween cookies. Speaking of cookies, Tasha recommends that everyone gets their cookie orders in now before their Halloween parties. If you’re looking for more generic Halloween cookies, Tasha says that they have Halloween cookies available for walk in purchase at their store located at 6415 E Riverside Blvd, Rockford Il. You can also check out their website at

Sponsored By Cookies by Design