Rockford, Ill. (WTVO)—

The moment you walk through the doors of Camp in Chicago you are taken into a world of creative play and adventure. The Canteen retail space is just so inviting of play and fun. Kids can head to the Schmutz Slime Station to make their own slime, or they can paint their own ceramics to take home. Chief Creative Officer at Camp Kirk Larsen also tells us about a paint room which he says is kind of like a rage room for kids where they can throw around paint and make their own masterpieces. While they have all these amazing activities up front, if you go behind the magic door you are transported into a magical doodle world. Behind the door, you get to use your doodad wristband to create your own doodle and fall into the world of rainbows and color. To learn more about Doodle x Camp or to get your tickets, please visit their website at