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Kicking things off tonight, a strange rumor about Beyonce bringing her own toilet seats with her on tour is going around and her mother Tina would like to put a stop to them. Tina says that the rumors are ridiculous, but it is understandable how the rumor got started. A photo was posted online with a box labeled ‘Beyonce Toilet Seats’ but apparently that is a word for the stands you put fans on. Also tonight, a new snake species has been discovered in Peru and it is being named after Harrison Ford. They are naming it after him because of his dedication to environmental science. Finally, Simone Biles corrected ESPNW when they tweeted on Tuesday that seven years ago, she became the first U.S. Female gymnast to win 3 gold medals at one Olympics. She corrected them by saying she actually won 4 You can check out these stories and more by heading to our Instagram story at Good Day Stateline.