Rockford, Ill. (WTVO)—

Normally, Tim Mahoney from Mahoney and Mahoney comes on to talk about trending legal issues but tonight he is playing a fun game of ‘Boo Hoo, Guess Who.’ The name of the game is to guess iconic Halloween characters or movies based on a picture. Tim and Michelle both give their best guesses to guess who, and they talk about some of their favorite Halloween movies. Michelle shares that she loves the Hotel Transylvania movies and Tim says that he loves Hitchcock style movies as well as Stephen King movies. Tim really wants to encourage everyone to practice extra caution on the roads this time of year because of harvesting. He says to slow down, don’t look at your phone, and take it easy because now is the time of year where a lot of wrecks happen. To learn more about Tim Mahoney and Mahoney and Mahoney, please check out his website

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