Rockford, Ill. (WTVO)—

Gordan Ramsay’s first season of Food Stars just ended, and Chris Kanik was declared the winner! It is a big win for him and his company Smart Cups. Smart Cups is the World’s First Printed Beverage. Chris wanted to create a product that would be sustainable in the beverage industry. He says that they finished filming Food Stars about a year ago, so he has had to keep his win a secret for a year. He says that it is a huge relief to know that it is over. Winning the competition comes with a $250,000 investment from Gordan Ramsay himself. Chris shares that he has been working on his product for nearly a decade and it started out on a kitchen table, but it is now in a 23,000 square foot facility in Southern California. Chris was worried that he wasn’t going to win and that maybe Gordan would pick a product that fit in more with the status quo. You can check out Smart Cups on their website