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Kicking things off tonight, Wynonna Judd will be joining the Voice as a mega mentor starting November 6th. She is going to be helping the remaining contestants get ready for their three-way knockout rounds. Also tonight, Guy Fieri just launched a line of canned alcoholic drinks called ‘Flavortown Spiked.’ He partnered with Two Roads Brewing Co to create the line. Finally, there is an AirBNB addition to one of the most famous Thanksgiving stories. Back in 2016 Wanda Dench accidently texted Jamal Hinton to invite him to Thanksgiving thinking it was her grandchild, but it started a Thanksgiving tradition. This year, you can be a part of their pre-Thanksgiving party this year thanks to AirBND. You can check out these stories and more by heading to our Instagram story at Good Day Stateline.