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Candy is the most important thing about Halloween, so of course we had to chat with Carly Schidhaus from the National Confectioners Association to see the top trends in Halloween candy. Carly kicks everything off with candy corn. She says that while it may be controversial, candy corn is still one of the most popular Halloween candies for both eating and decorating. She also dives into the candy corn debate about the correct way to eat candy corn. She shares that 51% of Americans eat the whole piece at once, 31% start with the narrow white end, and 18% start with the wider yellow end. Carly does assure everyone that whichever way you like to enjoy candy corn is the right way. Next, Carly gets into the top 3 candies that Americans will be looking for this Halloween. Coming in at number 1, chocolate. This should not come as a surprise for anyone because chocolate is a classic, timeless favorite all year long. Next up is gummy candy. Gummy candy is very popular because it is easy to make it look spooky with shapes such as brains, snakes, or eyes. Finally, the third most popular candy is the classic candy corn. Carly also found that parents also plan on taking part in some Halloween candy with about 60% of parents admitting that they will take some candy from their kids. For more information on Halloween treats you can head to