Rockford, Ill. (WTVO)—

In 2017, Illinois started the ‘Invest In Kids Scholarship Tax Credit Program.’ The program is meant to encourage people to donate to scholarship organizations by offering them a 75% state income tax credit. The program is currently set to expire by the end of the year but President for Empower Illinois, Anthony Holter is in Springfield Illinois to join in the effort to save the program. Anthony believes that renewing the program is important because it will continue to keep kids in the schools that work best for them. He encourages anyone who is interested to contact their lawmaker on to let them know how they feel about the program. Anthony shares that the Greater Rockford area has greatly benefited from the program with almost 700 scholarships granted and $4 million in funding. Lawmakers have until the end of the week to act, and Anthony describes some of the possible outcomes. His most desired outcome is to see lawmakers renew the program so that it can continue to run as it has been. The outcome he does not want to see is for the program to expire and for the scholarships to go away. He is also advising donors to continue to donate to help get kids off the waitlist! For more information on Empower Illinois you can check out their website at

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