Rockford, Ill. (WTVO)—

We learned this week that Rockford has plenty of haunted places and one of those places is the Tinker Swiss Cottage. Larry Eissler lll and Dan Norvell from Expedition Entity are showing us around Tinker Swiss Cottage and helping us reach out to the ghosts. Larry and Dan met each other years ago at a cemetery tour and their partnership grew into their four seasons show Expedition Entity. To reach out to ghosts, they use different types of tools. One of the tools they use are dowsing rods. These rods are great for yes or no questions and they are one of the older tools for paranormal investigation. Executive Director for Tinker Swiss Cottage Museum, Samantha Hochmann explains that dowsing rods are nice because spirits are more likely to know how to use them. She also demonstrates how it works by asking a few questions. Samantha says that the Tinker family does tend to stick around the house and there are certain times of year where it feels like the house is packed. Next, we’re taken to the Red Room and shown what is called a Phasmabox. Dan and Larry explain that this box uses sound and word banks to make communication for the ghosts easier. Make sure to continue watching to learn more about Tinker Swiss Cottage!