Rockford, Ill. (WTVO)—

Kathy Copcutt is always helping us celebrate any occasion in a big way. Tonight, she is showing off a ton of back to school must haves. Kathy is starting off with sunglasses from Sunglass Hut. What she loves about their website is that you can virtually try on hundreds of styles, and you can even get prescription lenses too. The next item she’s excited to show off is necklaces from Jane Win Jewelry. The Forever Coins are 14k gold and it is a great gift to give to those heading off to college. It’s great for those going away because it is a north compass and will remind them that they can always come home. Another great gift for those heading to college are headphones. Kathy loves the ThinkWrite Headphones because they are under $25, and they offer noise cancellation. Of course, having something to carry things around is a necessity when going back to school so Kathy is showing off stylish bags from Bandolier. She loves that Bandolier styles allow for a ton of storage, and they last. For furnishing the dorms, Kathy is thrilled to give away the JC Penny Dorm Room Essentials. What she loves most about the dorm essentials is that you can get everything you need for the dorm at one spot. To enter to win these items and more, you can enter to win at