Rockford, Ill. (WTVO)—

Liz Hiemstra from Womanspace is back tonight to talk about all the great programs going on this fall at Womanspace! Yoga is a big thing at Womanspace and Liz is proud that they now offer 7 different kinds of yoga with 9 different classes. Some of the yoga styles they offer are hip hop and chair yoga. They are also offering youth programs that are perfect for after school. There will be art classes for teens and an art club for kids six and up. Some of the art classes include painting, pottery, and mixed media. Michelle made some pottery at Womanspace last spring and Liz was finally able to show her the finished product. At Womanspace they offer more than just art. There are also film, music, writing, and gardening classes. Liz says that their gardening classes just started this past summer and they’re excited for it to continue in the fall. Another program that Liz is excited about are the return of Lunch and Learns. These classes are meant to be short enough to be taken on a lunch break and they cover multiple topics such as mindfulness or becoming soulful. You can visit Womanspace at 3333 Maria Linden Dr, Rockford Il. You can also check out their website

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