Rockford, Ill. (WTVO)—

We’re only a week away from crowning the winner of the Stateline’s Best BBQ and tonight we’re making a stop at the Hicks BBQ food truck in Rochelle. Owner Jeremy Hicks set out quite the spread for us with delicious sides. He actually started the business for the simple reason of he likes the taste of food, so he wanted to make and sell food. They have been going strong for 10 years at the Cypress House. After seeing the lines of people waiting to eat their food it’s easy to see why they have been open for as long as they have been. They smoke their brisket and pork for 18 hours. Their food is so flavorful, and you will just devour every single bite.  If you think that Hicks BBQ has the best BBQ in the Stateline you can vote for them once and hour, every hour on each device until 12:00pm on Tuesday June 13 here.