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Hope Linker Jobes from Chic Communications is always sharing great social media tips that can help any business best manage a social media page. Back to School season also means a return to busy schedules even if we personally aren’t going back to school. With everyone being so busy it makes it that much more important for content to grab their attention Hope says. Knowing what time of day to post is an important factor. Hope shares that someone could be running around all day and only realize at 8 o’clock that they haven’t posted anything. That is why she suggests planning and scheduling content the day before. A tip she has for busy business owners is to set alarms throughout the day to serve as a reminder to post. Hope is a new mother, so she says that she has had to learn how to become great at time management to get her content scheduled. If you’re a business owner who needs help with their social media, Hope offers consultations that you can check out on If you know of a social media trend you would like for us to check out, send us an email at