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It’s important to be prepared for a storm and famous meteorologist Jim Cantore is sharing how important technology is when it comes to keeping us safe during a storm. We do the best that we can to prepare for storms like having flashlights and extra food, but do we have what we need to look out for our technology? Jim says that technology is a big part of our lives, and we use it when it comes to storms too. From staying up to date on weather updates from the local news channel to checking in with family and friends, it’s important that we have what we need to keep technology working through a storm. Jim shares that Xfinity has a service called Storm Ready Wi-Fi that is specifically made to keep us connected during a storm. Storm Ready Wi-Fi provides unlimited cellular data backup during power outages. This is a great way for people to stay informed and connected no matter the weather. To learn more about Storm Ready Wi-Fi, you can head to