Rockford, Ill. (WTVO)—

The Wonder of Princess Celebration is a month-long celebration of Disney Princesses. The goal of the celebration is to inspire kids to gain confidence in themselves. To celebrate, Disney is releasing a ton of new products. Celebrity journalist Emily Foley is walking us through some of those new products. To kick things off, she says that mindfulness is so important nowadays and that includes getting great sleep. That is why Disney has teamed up with the Calm app for calming sleep stories with some fan favorite princesses. She also points out that while kids are falling asleep, they can cuddle up with some of the new Disney Princess plushies and sleepwear. Emily is also showing off the new princess fashion line along with the princess backpack line. For older kids that love to read, the book A Twisted Tale Anthology is available for preorder now. To learn more about these products and more, please visit