Rockford, Ill. (WTVO)—

Summer may be on its way out but that doesn’t mean that we can’t hit the beach in the fall. Travel expert Gabe Saglie is telling us all about the fun things going on at Myrtle Beach this fall. Gabe shares that 56% of Americans say that if they are going to get away in the fall they want to go to a beach. Beaches have also become more popular after the pandemic because there are more open space and people feel less crowded. Another great reason for hitting the beach during the fall are the cheaper prices. Gabe says that since the summer demand is down the price lowers which can help those who were priced out during the summer. He loves Myrtle Beach because it is on 60 miles of Atlantic coast which he says is a big draw for people. Myrtle Beach is also the Gulf Capital of the world. It has a ton of golf and mini-golf courses. You can also get beautiful views of the beach by riding in the sky wheel. Myrtle Beach really has a plethora of activities and there is something for everybody.