Rockford, Ill. (WTVO)—

Season three of FBoy Island is set to premiere next Monday, October 16 on the CW. To help us prepare, one of the guys from this season Marco DelVecchio is sharing all the details we need to know. The way FBoy Island works is they introduce three women to 21 guys and they have to differentiate between the ‘nice guys’ and ‘FBoys.’ If the woman picks the nice guy, her and the nice guy get to split $100,000 but if she picks the FBoy he gets to keep all the money. Marco explains that when applying for the show he got to choose if he wanted to be a nice guy or an FBoy. He said that it was hard keeping it a secret from the ladies, but it was even harder keeping it a secret from the other guys because they were living together. He had a fantastic time on the show and loved his experience. You can catch the new season next Monday on October 16 on the CW.