Rockford, Ill. (WTVO)—

If you’re a book lover in the Rockford area then you’ve got to check out Maze Books! Maze Books is an independent, locally owned new and used bookstore in Rockford. Their mission is to make sure books can get into as many hands as possible at an affordable price. Taminique chats with owner David Pederson about the history of Maze Books and the events that get hosted there. David says that Maze Books started two years ago when he was selling and delivering books out of his car. He was so successful that they were able to open a store on East State Street in Rockford. They host a lot of book signings for local authors, poetry readings, and lectures. David’s biggest goal when opening a bookstore was that he wanted it to be magical. He shares that he spent his entire childhood looking for a bookstore just like Maze Books. You can visit Maze Books at 406 E. State St, Rockford Il. You can also check out their website at If you know of any place you think Taminique should check out, please send us an email at