Rockford, Ill. (WTVO)—

Michelle and Taminique are back for another recap of their awesome weekends. Taminique says that she had an ultimate girl’s weekend starting off at the Rockford Icehogs game with her friends. She also went to District Bar and Grill and had some amazing eggrolls. On Sunday, she went to church and then got breakfast with her friend Tina. She said that it was so good, and she loved everything on the brunch board. Then, she went and got ice cream and groceries with Tina. Michelle started off her weekend with a baby shower for her friend Sierra at the gym before heading to her first Rockford Icehogs game as an emcee. JB Love from Q98.5 came back from North Carolina to teach Michelle and prepare her for her first game by herself on Friday. Yesterday, she went on a five mile walk with our GDS fitness expert Tosha Pastorek and she dug out some costume pieces for this week. We would love to hear how you spent your weekend by sharing your pictures on Facebook!