Rockford, Ill. (WTVO)—

It’s time for another weekly weekend recap and Michelle and Taminique kicked off the weekend together. On Friday, they both went to Julie Humpal’s 50th birthday party. This party was so much fun they both really loved the cookies at the party. Taminique also got hypnotized for the first time. She says that she didn’t believe in hypnosis until it happened to her. Then, on Saturday Taminique went to Whiskey and Wine. After that she went to a bonfire and picked up some beautiful flowers from Sam’s Club. Michelle kicked off her Saturday with a surprise workout with her friend Linda. Then she also went to Whiskey and Wine with her friends. She closed out her Saturday by heading to Woodfire and she had her favorite appetizer. Michelle finished her weekend with a walk with Tosha, buying items for the football season, and watching ‘You are So Not Invited to me Bat Mitzvah’ on Netflix. Let us know how you spent your weekend!