Rockford, Ill. (WTVO)—

Happy Halloween! We love celebrating Halloween big and so do the amazing women of Tricoci University of Beauty Culture and Dan and Larry from Expedition Entity. We’re kicking things off with the incredible makeup artists from Tricoci University of Beauty Culture as they walk us through their inspirations behind the princess and villain makeup looks. Kimberly Belmontes did a stunning Sleeping Beauty look on Sydney. Kimberly says that she went to Pinterest for inspiration and then mixed it up to make it her own. For example, she found out that Sydney loves sparkle, so she added some gems to the look. She also mixed blush and lip gloss together to make the perfect shade. Sydney absolutely adored the look and it matched perfectly with her Aurora costume. Switching over to a villain, Erika Salas got to work on transforming Erin Sturm into Ursela. Erika used dramatic purples and blues in the look, and she wanted a bold look to bring the ‘mean’ out of the character. Erika loves doing bold Halloween looks because you don’t get to do them every day. Next, we move to Sharde Calloway who transformed Taminique into Cinderella. Sharde went with a soft look because Cinderella is a soft and kind character. She also used Pinterest for inspiration and utilized lots of blues for the look. Michelle points out that the women of Tricoci University of Beauty Culture didn’t get to see the costumes beforehand and they still knocked it out of the park.