Rockford, Ill. (WTVO)—

Summer is almost over but relationship expert Dr. Tara is sharing how taking a vacation can improve our relationships. Dr. Tara says that some of the reasons behind why taking a vacation is great for couples is because of privacy, freedom, and excitement. She says that privacy is a big one for couples with kids because it allows time for just the couple. Freedom is a great reason for couples to go on vacation because they are free from chores and work. Lastly, a reason to go on vacation is for excitement. Couples who go on vacation often have an added excitement into their routine and a renewed sense of connection. Dr. Tara also wants to share how couples can take that feeling home with them after the vacation. A big tip she has is for couples to continue to make time for each other. She says that it’s important to check in with each other and to try and keep the excitement alive at home. This can be done in really easy ways like having a chocolate tasting at home.