Rockford, Ill. (WTVO)—

Going to the library is a great way to get your kids into books but the Rockford Public Library is also creating a way to bring books to your kids! Director of Development Brook Loomis is with us to tell us why these Literacy Corners are so important for the community. The Rockford Public Library started the Literacy Corners earlier this year after receiving generous funding from United Way. It was a big goal for the Rockford Public Library to get out into the community and to provide literacy outreach for the kids that need it. A particular location that they noticed had a lot of attention from their mobile libraries were laundromats. With the mobile libraries they noticed a huge need for kids to have access to a library in places where they have a lot of idle time. Brook says that the Literacy Corners will be slightly different depending on location, but the first ones will consist of a couple of library shelves as well as a shelf with resources for parents. Those resources will range from obtaining a GED to teaching your kids how to read. While they are starting with laundromats, they would like to expand to places like nail salons or community centers so that kids have access to literacy resources. There will also be interactive story times at the Literacy Corners to make learning more fun. For more information on the Literacy Corners with the Rockford Public Library check out the events tab on their website at