Rockford, Ill. (WTVO)—

On Tuesday, September 12 Rockford Sexual Assault Counseling will be hosting their 4th annual Dispelling the Darkness event. This event is a candlelight vigil, and it is meant to raise awareness for sexual assault and abuse. Therapists from Rockford Sexual Assault Counseling Gretchen Eldrige and Marilyn Ramirez are sharing why the event is important and how we can be involved. They came up with the idea for a candlelight vigil after COVID happened and they needed a safe way to raise awareness and money. This year the event is being sponsored by Starlight Theatre and that is also where it is being held. Survivors of sexual assault and abuse will be speaking and sharing their stories at the event as well. Candles can be purchased for $5, and the event will be able to be streamed virtually for those who cannot attend in person. Dispelling the Darkness will start at 6:30pm. You can learn more about Rockford Sexual Assault Counseling by heading to their website

Sponsored By Rockford Sexual Assault Counseling