Rockford, Ill. (WTVO)—

Sara Dady is back from Dady Law Group to break down the migration happening in Chicago. Sara says that there are a lot of migrants coming from the southern border, primarily Venezuelans. She goes on to explain that ‘tent cities’ are also beginning to pop up and people are questioning why the migrants can’t work. Sara explains that the problem is Federal Bureaucracy. The process starts when migrants go through Customs and Border Protections and are put on what is called parole. Parole is not a real legal status and it only lasts two years at a time. During this time, it is very difficult to receive work authorizations. The applications are 11-pages long and are written in English which can be difficult for migrants who can’t read English very well. The work permits can also take over a year to get approved, making it practically impossible to find legal work during that time. Sara also explains the difficult process of applying for asylum. She encourages everyone who also sees a problem with Federal Bureaucracy to contact their U.S. Representative. To learn more about Sara Dady and Dady Law Group, check out their website at

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