Rockford, Ill. (WTVO)—

The new DC superhero movie Blue Beetle opens this Friday and what better way to celebrate than with some Blue Beetle merch? Thanks to Warner Brothers Discovery Consumer Products, you can win a mug, Horchata flavored coffee, and an action figure by heading here. You can also still enter to win tickets to the Rockford City Market Whiskey and Wine event.

Speaking of the Rockford City Market, Taminique started off her weekend by checking out the Rockford Boxing Classic at the Rockford City Market. She said that she had so much fun and pointed out that the Fire Department vs the Police Department was a very good fight. She was only disappointed because she bet that the Police Department would win, and the Fire Department ended up winning. She then went to a bonfire with her friend and had a fantastic time. Taminique said that she’s wearing sunglasses in one of the photos because she always wears sunglasses even when it’s nighttime. Michelle kicked off her weekend by actually watching a kickoff at the Bears preseason game. She went with one of her best friends and was excited that the Bears actually won. Then, on Sunday she got to spend some time with her nieces and nephews by watching the Super Mario Bros movie. Michelle and her family also went to a restaurant where she had delicious pasta with gigantic noodles. Let us know how you spent your weekend by sharing your photos with us on Facebook!