Rockford, Ill. (WTVO)—

There is always so much to explore at the Volo Museum and tonight we’re checking out one of the oldest exhibits at Volo Museum. The property that the military section of the museum sits on used to belong to a family back in the 1800’s.

Marketing director Jim Wojdyla says that the car dealership has always been the meat and potatoes of the museum so when they got a tank and a Jeep for the military section, they got the idea to expand to more than just cars and the museum bloomed from there. All the vehicles in the military section are authentic but the Volo Museum wanted to make them more interactive. Jim says that he didn’t just want to put the vehicles behind glass, and he wanted to create an environment that was both authentic and immersive. The items in the museum have been donated from the military itself, required at auctions, or donated from veterans and their families.

Next, Jim takes us to the gangster crime section of the museum. This section has a lot of artifacts from the gangster crime era. One of the bigger artifacts is a movie car that Johnny Depp used in the movie Public Enemies. They also have a movie car from Bonnie and Clyde. Then, we’re taken into the Medieval Torture section, which was donated, and Jim says it’s pretty intense.

On a much lighter note, we move onto the area with the movie cars from Ford V Ferrari. Jim explains that the movie cars don’t actually have Ford and Ferrari engines in them so they actually raced the cars to see if it would have the same winner.

You can visit the Volo Museum at 27582 Volo Village Rd, Volo Il. You can also check them out online at You have your chance to win tickets to the Volo Museum every week by answering our Fan of the Week Question on Facebook.

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