Rockford, Ill. (WTVO)

This week is wellness week, so we have to show off these selfcare products from Liquilinks, Gemini Beauty, and Spalife. Starting off, we have multiple products from Liquilinks. Liquilinks was started by a woman named Brittany who noticed a lot of skincare videos featured wet sleeves, messy countertops, and damaged jewelry. That is why she made products like the wash band that is meant to catch water and soap when people are washing their faces. Next, we have the Gemini Beauty Matcha and Oat moisturizer. This moisturizer is soft, soothing, and brings back bounce to tired skin. A portion of all sales from Gemini Beauty are donated to LupasLA. Finally, we have eyepatches from Spalife. These patches help remove fine lines and puffiness from around the eyes. It offers a cooling sensation, and you can use them on the eyes for about 5-15 minutes.