Rockford, Ill. (WTVO)—

Tonight, we have a very special Wedding Week Wine Wednesday. We’re trying the Massbach’s Staccato White which is a dry sparkling white wine. We’re drinking this celebratory wine because we’re sharing it with local bride to be Ariele Smith. This wine is made by using the La Crosse grapes and it gets the bubbles with the help of another Illinois Winery called August Hill. Michelle found it very interesting that the bubbles could come from a separate place. It has hints of apples and bubbles. We want you to celebrate Illinois Wine Month with Massbach and 20 other Illinois Wineries this weekend at the Vintage Illinois Wine Festival in Utica. You can get more info by heading to To help Ariele celebrate her engagement, we’re gifting her the champagne gift set from Vinglace. To check out the set for yourself, please head to You can get any of our Wine Wednesday wines by visiting Massbach Ridge Winery at 8837 S Massbach Rd, Elizabeth, Il. You can also check them out online at

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