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As we get into the holidays, we’re thinking more and more about spending time with family and if you run a business, utilizing a social media expert can help you spend more time with family and less time on social media. Our GDS Social Media expert Hope Linker Jobes from Chic Communications says that she feels that her job is to help businesses and entrepreneurs take social media off their plates. The online aspect of a business can be extremely overwhelming and time consuming so it can be helpful to have a social media or marketing manager on the team. Hope will also be helping people learn more about social media by offering classes and workshops this month. You can keep up with everything at Chic Communications by heading to her website at If you know of any social media trends you would like for us to try out, send us an email at Tuesday Trends is sponsored by Tissue Caddy, and you can enter to win your own Tissue Caddy every single week at

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