Rockford, Ill. (WTVO)—

We loved showing off Starlight’s four mainstage musicals this summer and we’re excited to see a little tease from Starlight Theatre’s Starlittle Production the Stinky Cheese Man. This show is based off the children’s book and director Jennifer Thompson says that it is silly and over the top. Jennifer also says that the goal of the Starlittle shows at Starlight are to bring a younger generation of audiences to the theatre. The performances are done during the day so that children don’t get scared of the dark and the shows are fun enough to be enjoyed from 3-103. Performers Christine Garner, Ben Garner, Mattsen Heller, Marilyn Ramirez, Guillermo Herandez, Imogen Brady, Jacob Theide, and Timmy Schneeberg are singing Closing Number which actually isn’t the closing number of the show. You can buy tickets to see the Stinky Cheese Man by heading to