Rockford, Ill. (WTVO)—

Fall is so close we can taste it, and it tastes like pumpkins, cinnamon, and apples! Erin Sturm from Stateline Kids is telling everyone about all the fun apple orchards we can go to with our families this fall. The first orchard she wants to tell everyone about is Edwards Poplar Grove. Edwards is huge and very popular. There are donuts, play areas for kids, and a petting zoo. The other Edwards location is Edwards Apple Orchard West. Edwards West has pretty much the same things as Edwards Poplar Grove, but it is on a smaller campus. Erin says that Edwards West has one of her favorite petting zoos in a barn with baby goats. The next orchard Erin wants to highlight is Curran’s Orchard. She says that her kids’ favorite thing to do at Curran’s is to climb the giant hay bales. Another thing she finds cool about Curran’s is that it is only a few minutes away from Edwards West so it’s really easy to hit both in the same day. They also have a little hay maze for kids to play in. Lastly, for the preschoolers and toddlers Erin recommends Valley Orchard in Cherry Valley. This orchard is smaller than the rest, but it has a lot of cute activities for kids to do. She also likes that it is conveniently located behind the Cherry Valley Library. To check out all the fun in the Stateline area, head to her website