Rockford Ill (WTVO)—

We are searching every direction of the Stateline to find the Stateline’s Best Chicken Wings and tonight we have landed at Firehouse Pub in Roscoe. Michael Prosser took the time to walk us through the wings we would be trying. Firehouse Pub chose to show off Asian Orange, Calypso, and Mild wings. Michael highlighted the Firehouse Pub meat to bone ratio and why he believes that gives them an edge as the Stateline’s Best Chicken Wings. Located at 10670 Main St. in Roscoe you can participate in Firehouse’s Wing Wednesday where you can get an awesome deal on their wings. Michael is confident that Firehouse Pub has what it takes to be the Stateline’s Best Chicken Wings. If you agree with Michael, you can vote once an hour every hour until noon on September 27th on