Rockford, Ill. (WTVO)—

Our favorite thing about Mondays is getting to share what we did over the weekend! Taminique started her weekend off by heading to Currand’s Apple Orchard. She had a fantastic time seeing the goats, picking up some apple cider, and getting to try some apples. Then, she joined her friend Cole for a cornhole tournament at their church. They won one out of their six games but they both had fun. Finally, Taminique went to Nicholas Conservatory to have a nature walk. Michelle enjoyed another weekend with her family! First, she went to the Elgin Farmers Market with her parents and got so many delicious tomatoes. Then she went to dinner with her parents and had a fantastic meal. She spent the rest of the weekend hanging out with her niece and nephews as they built a giant blanket fort, watched movies, and ate treats. We would love to hear how you spent your weekend by sharing your pictures on Facebook!