Rockford, Ill. (WTVO)—

Toni VanderHeyden from Sold on Toni, Keller Williams Realty Signature is back tonight to share how we can build wealth with real estate. A point Toni really wants to emphasize is that you can’t build equity in something you don’t own. What she means by this is if you’re renting and not buying, you aren’t building any equity. A big aspect of buying a house according to Toni is having a good credit score. She has noticed a trend in people having lower credit scores and it really hurts their purchasing power. That is why at Sold on Toni they work to help people build financial literacy so they can take the next steps to building wealth. Interest rates are higher than they have been, and Toni says that interest rates are the reason the actual costs of homes are lowering to compensate higher interest rates. For some good news, Toni shares that it is a bit easier for buyers to purchase homes right now because the average days on market is up. She is also excited to share that Rockford is ranked number three on the top ten list of the nation’s most affordable housing. For more information about Sold on Toni, Keller Williams Realty Signature, please visit their website

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