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Kicking things off tonight, Taylor Swift has been making a big splash in the NFL for the past couple of weeks as she supports her alleged boyfriend, Travis Kelce. Ever since her first appearance last week, Travis Kelce jersey sales have increased by 400% and he has gained over 300,000 followers on Instagram. Also tonight, a judge has granted Michael Oher’s petition to terminate his conservatorship. This story came to light earlier this year when Michael Oher publicly announced that he thought he got adopted by the Tuohy Family, but he was actually placed under a conservatorship. The judge said that she had never seen a conservatorship agreement with someone that wasn’t disabled, and she can’t believe that it was done in the first place. Finally, Taylor will be releasing her Era’s Tour movie in theaters next weekend, but Beyonce is also planning on releasing a tour movie later this year. ‘Renaissance: A Film by Beyonce’ is set to hit theaters on December 1 and it will follow behind the scenes of her world tour. You can check out these stories and more on our Instagram story at GoodDayStateline.