Rockford, Ill. (WTVO)—

It’s never a bad time to learn something new so why not try something new at Womanspace? They have a ton of classes they’re offering this fall and Marketing Coordinator Liz Hiemstra is chatting with us about some of the most anticipated classes coming up at Womanspace. Liz starts off by sharing details about the amazing art classes. There is a watercolor studio class taught by Laura Gomel which is a great class for those who want to take their watercolor skills to the next level. If you’ve never done watercolor but want to give it a try there is a ‘Toes in the Water’ class offered at Womanspace. This class is meant to introduce people to the style of watercolor and it’s great for those who are just ‘dipping their toes’ into watercolor. Liz is also eager to talk about the Reiki share and potluck nights as well as their lunch and learns. For more information about all the events and classes going on at Womanspace, please check out their website

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