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We’re moving into colder months so it’s important to keep wellness as a top priority. Wellness advocate Tawn Williams is sharing great tips on how we can stay healthy both physically and emotionally. For our mental health, things like meditation and looking inward have a lot of health benefits Tawn says. Emotional wellness is probably a term that all of us have heard before, but we might not all understand what it means. Tawn explains that emotional wellness is about knowing the ebb and flow of our emotions on a day-to-day basis and being able to stay resilient when challenges arise. It’s important to not suppress our feelings but to find a healthy way to communicate them. For taking care of our emotional wellness every day, Tawn suggests that everyone do a daily check in. She says that it may sound strange but every morning she has a meeting on her calendar reminding her to ask herself how she’s doing. As silly as it sounds, Tawn believes that it has served her well. She emphasizes that knowing how we feel at the start of our day can dictate how we feel the rest of the day. To learn more about how we can make wellness more of a priority, you can head to