Breast Yard Sale Donates to American Cancer Society


Books, kitchen items, dish sets, nativity sets, silverware; these are just a few of many items that have attracted customers to the yard sale taking place at the maple hill farm.

Bindy Lillge, a customer at the sale said, “Baskets, she has tons of baskets. If you’re in to pottery, cups, she has all kinds of things.  She’s got everything; books, antiques, lamps, everything.”  The items aren’t the main thing that bring people to this yard sale, it’s the cause that goes along with it.  The items in the yard sale have been donated from 4 estates and other households, before being sold to the public.  The money is then sent to the American Cancer Society for breast cancer awareness.

Karen Virnoche. the Yard Sale Organizer said, “The money that we collect here goes directly to the American Cancer Society, 100% of it, and someday we’ll hear those words, ‘there’s a cure for cancer.’  That’s our goal.”  The sale first started in 2002, when Karen had survived 4 different types of cancer.  This inspired her to start a yard sale that would allow her to make money and then donate it to the cancer society.  It started as a lingerie sale–specifically catering to breast cancer–but has since grown into a rumage sale. 

Karen’s goal is to make $150,000 total for the entire 15 years that they will have done this yard sale.  They hit $100,000 back in 2014, and are now only down $6,000 from their end point.  She’s confident that they’ll meet their goal before the sale ends, but there’s always a chance they’ll be back next year.

Karen said, “We say it’s the last one, and it’s always hard to say it’s the last one.  We probably will come back and have something that is on a much smaller scale, maybe two weekends in a row, but not three weeks straight.”


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