First dog who tested positive for COVID-19 in US dies



STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. (KRON) – The first pet dog in the United States to reportedly test positive for the coronavirus has died.

National Geographic reports Buddy the German Shepherd was euthanized by his owners and veterinarian after spending months battling the virus.

According to the report, Buddy first showed virus symptoms back in April before he turned 7.

His owners said he had a hard time breathing, lost weight, and became increasingly lethargic.

Buddy tested positive for COVID-19 on May 15, but his owners told the publication they were not informed by the New York City Department of Health of Buddy’s positive test results until June 2, more than two weeks after being tested.

According to the report, Buddy’s blood works revealed he “almost certainly had lymphoma.”

Buddy’s family and doctors were unable to confirm if it was the lymphoma or the virus that ultimately killed him.

The US Department of Agriculture has compiled a list of confirmed cases in animals each time it is found in a new species. So far, more than two dozen animals have made the list.


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