1 Dead, 1 Injured in Upper East Side Shooting


Rockford Police are investigating a deadly shooting in the 4300 block of Lori Drive on Saturday night.

Investigators say they received a call for shots fired at around 10:30 p.m., and arrived to find a man dead from an apparent gunshot wound, and a woman with serious gunshot injuries.

Tom Wilson, whose mother lives in the neighborhood, says nothing like this has ever occurred there before.

“We heard somebody got killed…right next door to my house, which is kind of scary, cause she’s lived here seven years and there’s never been anything like that,” said Wilson.

Other neighbors say they didn’t even realize the shooting had happened until Sunday morning.

“Never heard any gunshots, didn’t even see the lights,” said Nick Souvestke. “We didn’t hear about it until our next door neighbor actually told us [and] asked us if we were okay, if we were the ones that got injured.”

Souvestke says he just moved to the neighborhood with his family, from the West side of Rockford — hoping to get away from violent crime. He says the shooting has left him on edge.

“I’m a little nervous…just for the fact that it just happened as soon as we moved,” said Souvestke.

Both neighbors say that knowing a shooting happened so close to where they live has them thinking about the safety of their families.

“Somebody just got murdered next door to my mom, you know? Rockford’s just getting worse and worse,” said Wilson.

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