VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. (WTVO) — A school counselor is pressing charges against a 4th Grade student whom she says groped her during a hug.

Holly Hill School suspended the student for 10 days and now faces a misdemeanor battery charge, according to NBC News.

The counselor claims she was in the boy’s classroom on October 24th when the child approached her for a hug, putting one arm around her should and then  “cupped her left breast in a disrespectful way.”

The counselor said she had to “forcibly remove his hand,” USA Today reported.

Police were called to the school, but according to the police report, the student has not yet been charged.

The boy’s family says the allegations are false. The boy’s teacher was in the room, but did not see the interaction, police said.

“There’s no witnesses, [just] her word against his. He’s only 10.” the boy’s legal guardian and grandmother, Lakesha Hollins, told USA Today.

“My grandson said with the hug, she did grab his hand and hold his hand up, and he didn’t really know why she did it. He said she let his hand go and then he walked back to his seat and then he began to talk to other students,” she said.

The family’s attorney, Frank T. Allen, says they believe racism is involved since the child is Black and the counselor is white.

“For her to go and do that and excoriate this child with these baseless accusations, this is going to have a long-term effect on him and how he interacts with people,” Allen said to NBC News.

The family is demanding the counselor be fired.