11 year olds want to end gun violence


While spending more than 20 years in prison Patrick Pursley spent his his time behind bars trying to create a program to help Rockford’s kids. Pursley came up with I am kid culture and the organization announced its new strategy to connect with kids in the community. 

Kid Culture created a mixtape that features spoken word segments along with skits put on by Rockford youth, and you can’t have a mix tape without music. Two eleven year old boys wrote and sang a rap song about caring about your grades. The organization also put together a music video complete with its dance team.

One resident of Rockford is pleased the city has a program like this “Rockford really needs an outlet for kids to be able to figure out who they are but also work towards non violent resolution for disagreements and working towards healing as a community.” Said Jax Kendall a local Artist. If you would like to know more about the organization check out the link below.



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