15-year-old girl accused of murder, searched for movies where kids kill parents

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A 15-year-old-girl is accused of killing her parents. Investigators say she searched on her phone for “scary movies where kids kill parents,” and had written rap lyrics about wanting her father dead.

According to WDAF-TV, Holmes will be tried as an adult. She is facing two counts of second-degree murder, two counts of armed physical action, and tampering with physical evidence. 

Back in April, Holmes allegedly shot her parents, Kinderly Holmes, 37, and Brian Starr, 38, at their home. 

Records say that Holmes reportedly called 911 from a different location and blamed her parents’ death on an intruder. She changed her story, claiming that her father shot her mother, and she shot her father.

Investigators received a search warrant and looked at Holmes’ phone, finding the internet searches, rap lyrics, and a video of Holmes dancing with a gun in her bedroom. A hand-drawn illustration with a stick figure pointing a gun at another figure labeled “dad” was also recovered.

A witness told police that Holmes reached out to him for him, and met her at a local McDonald’s, where she told him her parents had been shot. The witness says he had to convince Holmes to call 911, and that she waited an hour to call authorities. 

According to court documents, investigators spoke with her twice to clarify her story. Holmes initially said that her parents were fighting and she heard a gunshot. She said she went up stairs and found her mother dead in her bedroom, and picked up a gun and shot her father, as he approached her. She said she ran in and out of the house, and disposed of the gun in a neighboring yard.

In the follow up interview, Holmes said she went back into the house twice to grab cell phones, and admitted to changing her clothes prior to leaving the residence. She also said she moved her father’s body closer to the front door. She did not offer an explanation for the delay in calling 911, or the nine additional calls she made from her mother’s cell phone.

Despite the charges against her, some family members claim that Holmes was a victim of abuse, and that several reports were made to police. 

Prosecutors have requested a bond of $150,000. 

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