15th Annual ‘Principal For A Day’ Program Gives Students a Taste of a Teaching Career


Guilford High School junior, Emma DeLeon, is used to turning in papers, but today she’s grading them as ‘Principal for a Day’ at Bloom Elementary in Rockford.

The Principal for a Day program is an event in which Rockford Public Schools invite community members or students to see what school principals do all day long.

Emma got the chance to go from classroom to classroom, look over homework and sit in meetings. 

“I’m just going around to different classrooms and interacting with kids and seeing what they do on a daily basis, and getting hands on experience,” says Deleon.

“Bloom has had ‘Principals For a Day’ from our community (before) and this year we were lucky to get Emma from Guilford High School to be our principal for the day,” says Bloom Teacher Cyndy Janssen.

Janssen really hopes Emma considers teaching because she felt she did well in her temporary role.

“We need really quality people to become teachers. And I can tell [by] the way Emma interacted with the kids, she was a natural, and she needs to become a teacher,” says Janssen.

2nd graders in the classroom felt the same.

“It’s a good class to be in and she’s a nice teacher,” says 2nd grader, Jeremiah Johnson.

RPS holds the event each year to showcase what they’re doing to educate children, focusing on volunteers who are especially interested in studying education.

DeLeon gave her brief opportunity an educational A+.

“[It’s been great to] go out of [my] comfort zone, to come to a place with new faces. It’s a really good thing and I think it should be continued,” says DeLeon.

Rockford Public Schools has been doing this for 15 years.

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