16-year-old shooting survivor shares her traumatizing experience


ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — On Saturday, a gunman opened fire at Don Carter Lanes in Rockford killing three people and injuring three others.

16-year-old, Aaliyha Estrada and her cousin, 14-year-old, Guadalupe Durant went to Don Carter Lanes to meet two friends including, Printess Wynn.

“We went to hang out with our friends, it was our friends last day in Rockford and we wanted to meet with them,” Durant said.

They were sitting at the the table when they noticed a man approach them and that’s when he opened fire.

“We all started running my two friends they ran outside and then me and her went to a hallway because there was a door at the end of the hall way but we thought it was going to open but it didn’t open,” Estrada recalled.

That’s when Durant was able to flee and was to run outside and hide behind a car. Estrada was still inside the building and went to seek shelter, she hid behind a box.

Once she thought she was safe she got up, ” So I didn’t hear any more gunshots so I got up so I can run outside and while I did that he was running outside so that’s when he saw me and he shot me and than he ran outside and seen her. He looked at me in the eyes when he shot me,” Estrada said.

Estrada was shot in the shoulder and although she says physically she’s doing well mentally it’s another story.

“We have flashbacks because when we saw him that just keeps replaying in our head and we keep hearing when our friend was screaming and how there was blood on the door and the sound of gunshots it just keeps repeating in our head,” Durant says.

It’s a horrifying nightmare, the two girls say they’ll never forget but they say they feel grateful for their lives.

“It’s sad that they died but I’m also grateful I got to live and my friend got to live too but it’s sad that they died,” Estrada said.

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