2nd Annual Hanz Fest


It’s been two years since the incident at the QVSM Call Center on Alpine Road-where a brutal murder took place after a dispute between two friends. Todd Hansmeier was beaten to death by Terrence Doddy, who then burned his body to cover up the murder. Friends and family of Todd now remembering him and the legacy he left behind. 

“Todd affected a lot of people when he was here and I think he still affects people,” said Brian Hansmeier. “He made a difference in a lot of people’s lives and I wanted to continue that.”

That’s why they started the Hanz Brew Fest, an event to not only honor Todd, but to also help keep his mark on the community alive.

“After the things happened with my brother, I went to a beer festival that he was supposed to go to. It was just a random idea that we thought would be a great tribute. Something he’d want to go to-that’s how it all started,” said Hansmeier.

All the proceeds being pooled together as a Memorial Fund Scholarship — given to a Hononegah student who wins an essay contest. The first Hanz Beer Fest raised $2,500 dollars for the winner.

“We wanted to look for someone who could make an impact further down the road,” said Hansmeier.

The Hansmeiers hope the fest can make lasting memories for everyone.

“We just want people to come down, that’s what we’re hoping for, for people to come down and have a good time,” said Hansmeier.

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